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TC-0 Areas of standardization without coverage of a particular BDS/TC

Status: Active

Bulgarian title

Области на стандартизация без покритие от конкретен БИС/ТК

English title

Areas of standardization without coverage of a particular BDS/TC

Scope in Bulgarian

No information added.

Scope in English

No information added.

TC-0/SC-1 Services in different areas. Geographic informatics Active
TC-0/SC-2 Earthworks; Structural bearings; Special geotechnical works Active
TC-0/SC-3 Water wells and borehole heat exchangers Active
TC-0/SC-4 Hyperbaric chambers; Mechanical products. Ecodesign methodology Active
TC-0/SC-5 Methods for analysis of allergens – Cinematography - Cinematographic Works - Chemistry (organic chemistry compound) - Printing electronics - Digital preservation of cinematographic works Active
TC-0/SC-6 Pesticides. Reagents Active
TC-0/SC-7 Safety of special machines Active
TC-0/SC-8 Еntertainment technology. Equipmentq technical installations and Machinery used on stages and other production areas within the entertainment industry Active
TC-0/SC-9 Energy-related products - Material Efficiency Aspects for Ecodesign Active
TC-0/SC-10 Ladders Active
TC-0/SC-11 Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Candle fire safety Active
TC-0/SC-12 Safety of hand-held machines and surface treatment machines; small tools and hand tools; air traffic management; cylindrical helical springs Active
TC-0/SC-14 Castors and wheels Active
TC-0/SC-15 Space; Aircraft ground support equipment Active
TC-0/SC-16 Electrostatics. Electric welding Active
TC-0/SC-17 Shipbuilding and marine structures Active
TC-0/SC-18 Magnetic components, optical radiation safety and laser equipment, superconductivity, ultrasonics Active
TC-0/SC-19 Electronic components and electronic devices Active
TC-0/SC-20 Power electronics, mechanical structures for electronic equipments, aerospace series Active
TC-0/SC-21 Industrial-process measurement, control and automation Active
TC-0/SC-22 Domestic utensils in contact with footstaff made from metals. Additive Manufacturing (AM) Active
TC-0/SC-24 Marking and identification, Degrees of protection Disbanded
TC-0/SC-25 Consulting service Active
TC-0/SC-27 Organic contaminants (tar) in biomass producer gases. Sustainably produced biomass for energy applications. Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid. Hydrogen technologies Active
TC-0/SC-28 Plug,rolling equipment,seals Active
TC-0/SC-29 Standards in service sector Disbanded
TC-0/SC-30 Industrial rotating mixing systems Active
TC-0/SC-31 Hearing aid specialist services. Bio-based products. PFOS (perfluorooctanesulphonate) Active
TC-0/SC-32 Nutritional Supplements and Dietary products Active
TC-0/SC-33 Internet Filtering Disbanded
TC-0/SC-34 Photocatalysis Active
TC-0/SC-35 Building structures and elements Active
TC-0/SC-36 Aerospace series Active