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TC-56 Design of building construction

Status: Active
Chairman: Dimitar Dakov
Secretary: Nikolay Gerashtenko
Phone: 02/81 74 586

Bulgarian title

Проектиране на строителни конструкции

English title

Design of building construction

Scope in Bulgarian

Стандарти за проектиране на строителни конструкции - Еврокодове

Scope in English

Standards for structural design - Eurocodes

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 135 - Active

Изпълнение на стоманени и алуминиеви конструкции
Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

CEN/TC 250 - Active

Конструктивни Еврокодове
Structural Eurocodes

ISO/TC 98 - Active

Основи на проектирането на строителни конструкции
Bases for design of structures

ISO/TC 98/SC 1 - Active

Терминология и означения
Terminology and symbols

ISO/TC 98/SC 2 - Active

Издръжливост на конструкциите
Reliability of structures

ISO/TC 98/SC 3 - Active

Натоварвания, сили и други въздействия
Loads, forces and other actions