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TC-4 Cement, lime and gypsum

Status: Active
Chairman: Viktoriia Vasileva
Secretary: Nikolay Gerashtenko
Phone: 02/81 74 586

Bulgarian title

Цимент, вар и гипс

English title

Cement, lime and gypsum

Scope in Bulgarian

Стандарти в областта на: цимент, вар, гипс и изделия на гипсова основа

Scope in English

Standards in the field of: cement, lime, gypsum and gypsum based products

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 51 - Active

Цимент и строителна вар
Cement and building limes

CEN/TC 125 - Active


CEN/TC 241 - Active

Гипс и продукти на гипсова основа
Gypsum and gypsum based products

ISO/TC 74 - Suspended

Цимент и вар
Cement and lime

ISO/TC 77 - Suspended

Продукти от фиброцимент
Products in fibre reinforced cement