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TC-39 Paints and varnishes and adhesives

Status: Active
Chairman: Iliia Iliev
Secretary: Boriana.Mihaylova
Phone: 02/81 74 570

Bulgarian title

Лаковобояджийски материали, покрития и лепила

English title

Paints and varnishes and adhesives

Scope in Bulgarian

Стандартизация в областта на: Суровини и материали за лаковобояджийски продукти. Методи за изпитване на лаковобояджийски материали. Приложение на лаковобояджийски продукти. Суровини и материали, продукти, методи за изпитване и терминология за лепила

Scope in English

Standards in the field of: Raw and materials for paints and varnishes. Test methods for paints and varnishes. Application of paints and varnishes. Raw and materials, products, test methods and terminology for adhesives

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 139 - Active

Бои и лакове
Paints and varnishes

CEN/TC 193 - Active


CEN/TC 298 - Active

Пигменти и пълнители
Pigments and extenders

ISO/TC 35 - Active

Бои и лакове
Paints and varnishes

ISO/TC 35/SC 9 - Active

Общи методи за изпитване на бои и лакове
General test methods for paints and varnishes