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Economical use of energy does not contradict cozy warmth in living spaces. Standardized thermostatic radiator valves contribute a lot to this fact.

TC-102 Societal and Citizen Security

Status: Active
Chairman: Petko Angelov
Secretary: Mariya Genovska
Phone: 02/81 74 560

Bulgarian title

Сигурност на обществото и гражданите

English title

Societal and Citizen Security

Scope in Bulgarian

Стандартизация в областта на сигурността в направленията: сигурност на гражданите, сигурност на инфраструктури и съоръжения; гранично пропусквателна сигурност; въздушна граница; сигурност и безопасност в кризисни ситуации

Scope in English

INTEROPERABILITY STANDARDS: Technical interoperability standards, syntax standards, semantic standards and organisational interoperability standards. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Security of the Citizens (Organized Crime, Counter Terrorism, Explosives, CBRN, Fire hazard), Security of infrastructures and utilities (Building design, Energy/Transport communication grids, Surveillance, Supply Chains), Border Security (Land border / Check Points, Sea Border, Air Border), Restoring security and safety in case of crisis (Preparedness and planning, Response, Recovery). As well as the other areas covered by the EC’s mandate M/487 dated 17.02.2011

Accepts the work programme of EWG 11

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 391 - Active

Сигурност на обществото и гражданите
Societal and Citizen Security

CEN/TC 439 - Active

Частни услуги за сигурност
Private security services

ISO/TC 292 - Active

Сигурност и устойчивост
Security and resilience