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БДС EN ISO 10338:2000

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БДС EN ISO 10338:2000
Status: Withdrawn
Lang: English
Pages: 21
Published: 2001-01-18
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EN ISO 10338:1997
CEN/TC 170
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The standard is available on PDF file.The standard is available on PDF file.

Bulgarian title

Оптика и оптични уреди. Контактни лещи. Определяне на кривината (ISO 10338:1996)

English title

Optics and optical instruments - Contact lenses - Determination of curvature (ISO 10338:1996)

Scope in Bulgarian

No information added

Scope in English

Specification of a uniform test procedure in order to achieve comparable test results.

Technical committee



No relation with a directive

Correnspondence with national standards