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prБДС 2509:2021

Sterilized roasted skinned peppers

Related project

Replaces БДС 2509:1973

General information

40.20     Jan 8, 2021

40.60    Mar 8, 2021



Pure national standard


Life cycle

1. Preliminary
2. Proposal
3. Preparatory
4. Committee

5. Public Enquiry

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks
6. Approval
7. Publication
8. Review
9. Withdrawal


This document specifies requirements for red peppers of the kapiya (Capsicum annuum L.) variety, roasted skinned and srerilized, intended for direct consumption or for culinary purposes.

Depending on the composition of the fill used, peppers are:

- with refined sunflower oil, salt and sugar;

- with refined sunflower oil, salt, sugar and vinegar 6% and/or acetic or citric acid.

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