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AFNOR's proposal to create a new Technical Committee “Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities” at CEN

AFNOR's proposal to create a new Technical Committee “Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities” at CEN


AFNOR's proposal to create a new Technical Committee Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities at CEN



CCMC received a proposal from AFNOR for the creation of a CEN Technical Committee in the area of sustainable and smart cities and communities. AFNOR is willing to undertake the secretariat of the Technical Committee.


Scope: Standardization in the field of Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities covering the development of requirements, frameworks, guidance and supporting tools and techniques. The proposed series of standards will support the development and implementation of a holistic and integrated approach to the achievement of sustainable development and sustainability in response to the needs of European cities and communities.


It is proposed that the series of standards rely on:


  • ISO’s six purposes of urban development sustainability, namely resilience, attractiveness, well-being, social cohesion, preservation and improvement of environment, responsible resource use;
  • Provisions for all Cities and Communities and their interested parties in both rural and urban areas;
  • The use of smart solutions as a means to achieve the sustainability of urban development.


The Technical Committee is expected to contribute to the UN Sustainable development Goals as well as other relevant International agreements such as the Paris agreement and the New Urban Agenda. The entire set of the standards produced by this Technical Committee is intended to be developed in a consistent and complementary approach with International Standards and in particular those of ISO/TC 268 “Sustainable cities and communities”, so as to avoid any duplication of work. All European ongoing standardization work is to be consider, in close cooperation with the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI SF-SSCC (sector forum on “Smart and sustainable cities and communities”). At the European level, there has long been an idea for joint cooperation between Member States to provide a possibilities and tools of urban residents, as well as those in rural and urban areas, to achieve greater energy savings. In this way, the large number of standardization initiatives in Europe on various topics concerning smart cities has already grown and there is a need for joint coordination at this new stage. Interested parties are increasingly aware of this need of harmonization. Cities in Europe are now connected through various networks. They often develop similar approaches and have comparable levels of development. These networks, collaborations and common goals provide a good basis for development of consensus-based standards. Several standardization needs are emerging from these European initiatives, which lead to the conclusion that it is the right time to consider setting up a new field of activity at CEN level.


If interested, Bulgaria can support the creation of this new technical committee. If approved by the national standardization bodies, the BIS may participate in the work of the newly created CEN Committee as an active member.


Anyone interested can submit an opinion on the proposal by 05.10.2019 via e-mail to eng. Kalin Bikov:, phone: 02/81 74 595.


More information  here.


14 Aug 2019