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Proposal for a new Technical Committee ISO/TC ”Laboratory design”

Proposal for a new Technical Committee ISO/TC ”Laboratory design”



Proposal for a new Technical Committee ISO/TC Laboratory design


Standard administration of China (SAC) present a propose for creation a new Technical Committee ISO/TC „Laboratory Design”.


Scop: Standardization in the field of laboratory design including site selection and design planning, the functional division of experimental areas, the determination of scientific and technological processes, layouts and design of furniture, and the scientific design of the facility taking into account environmental conditions and impact.


Laboratories serve as the foundation for technological progress and product quality assurance and play a pivotal role in social and economic development. Worldwide, the laboratory construction volume is rising year by year, with trillions of USD invested into construction of new laboratories and renovation of existent ones. However, on a global scale there is no standard on design of various types of laboratories that project owners, designers, users and quality supervision authorities can refer to, resulting in a number of problems in laboratory construction worldwide.


Environmental protection, energy efficiency and emissions reduction in laboratory construction will be given more prominence, addressing climate change issues and meeting sustainable development goals.


the TC will support the contribution of the laboratory design industry to UN Sustainable Development Goals and enable countries to address a wide range of global issues including eradication of hunger and poverty, health, climate change and economic development.


work programme: To stipulate technical design requirements for a diverse range of laboratories with different functions and responsibilities. It will include, but not limited to:


  • site selection and design planning;
  • layouts and design of furniture (e.g workbenches, fume hoods, safety showers, biological safety cabinets, etc); electrical, water and gas supply systems, drainage, fire prevention, HVAC, auto-control and decoration;
  • laboratories featuring bio-safety, constant temperature and humidity, and other special laboratories;
  • laboratory safety, staff health, environmental protection, and energy saving;
  • Smart laboratory (use of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, block chain, etc. to empower laboratories, e.g. increase the depth and width of services provided to clients, improve the servicing level during the consulting, design and maintenance phases.).


Any interested party may submit an opinion on the proposal by 22.07.2019 to:

Dipl. eng. Nikolay Gerashtenko] email:

tel. 02/81 74 586.


For more information, see here.


17 Jun 2019