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Рroposal for creation of a new CEN/TC Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

Рroposal for creation of a new CEN/TC Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

Рroposal for creation of a new CEN/TC Circular Economy in the Construction Sector


The national standards body of Denmark (DS) submits a proposal for the creation of a new CEN Technical Committee with the title "Circular Economy in the Construction Sector".


Scope: The proposed Technical Committee shall be responsible for the development of voluntary standards for circular economy in the construction sector. The standards will describe common methods that support recycling of materials and products from buildings and construction works (roads and bridge constructions etc.).


The standards will be generally applicable (horizontal) and will support the transformation to a circular economy in the following areas: Including, but not limited to: Terms and framework, resource mapping of buildings and works, selective demolition of buildings and works, methods for registration of information and location of materials and products in a building (resource mapping) design for disassembly, waste management during the construction process and methods for quality assurance, test and classification of recycled materials.


This committee will develop standards that support the building sector in introducing procedures and a common language that ensures circular economy is part of its regular business model. It will support new business models that integrate circular economy in the whole value chain.


The standards from this new TC will support the transition to a more circular economy in the construction sector with the aim of promoting resource efficiency. Resource mapping of buildings can reduce the use of natural raw virgin materials by identifying the raw materials available within existing buildings.


The proposed programme of work for standards cover existing and new buildings and works.

  • Standard for resource mapping of buildings
  • Standard for selective demolition of buildings
  • Standard for waste management during the construction process
  • Examination of draft ISO standard on design for disassembly


Excluded: Specification of particular aspects of circular economy already covered by existing TCs such as eco-design (covered by CEN-CLC/JTC 10), life cycle assessment (covered by CEN/TC 350) and dangerous substances in construction products (covered by CEN/TC 351).

The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal by 30 of May 2019 to expert Rumen Boyanski, e-mail:,tel: +359 2 81 74 513.

For more information about the proposal see: here

15 Apr 2019