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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
It shall not be missing in any public building: an operative and ready for use hand fire extinguisher. Requirements, test methods and maintenance are regulated on an E...

Heating - the topic of the new issue of BDS Compass magazine

Heating - the topic of the new issue of BDS Compass magazine


Heating - the topic of the new issue of BDS Compass magazine


The autumn has come and with the colorful leaves the thoughts of heating the home are coming. Standards may help to take care of our coziness and safety in the cold days.


In this issue we show what the labels on gas cylinders warn about and how they should be checked with liquefied petroleum gas. The general safety requirements for gas cooking appliances are also presented.


For the solid fuel heaters, there are also standards that define requirements related to design, manufacture, construction, safety instructions, technical characteristics, appliance marking and related test methods. Pellet heating is also becoming more popular, for which standards also specify detailed performance characteristics such as draught, flue gas temperature, carbon monoxide emissions, rational use of energy, nominal heat output and reduced heat output, fuel hopper capacity, etc.


Standards are the basis of a common technical language to be used by producers and consumers, said Mr. Goran Gadjonov, Chairman of BDS/TC 8 “Gas equipment, gas cylinders, fittings for gas equipment, household equipment for solid and liquid fuel”. Unfortunately, many of the harmonized standards are not known by manufacturers and consumers, and on the market in Bulgaria there are devices without the CE marking and a declaration of performance, which is unacceptable, says the expert.


Eng. Blagovesta Shineva prepares Bulgarian manufacturers and consumers for the new European rules on medical devices that improve their safety and quality.


14th October is the World Standards Day. The motto this year is that the standards make cities smarter: they provide important guidelines for all aspects of the urban life and a safer everyday life for all of us.

03 Oct 2017