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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Economical use of energy does not contradict cozy warmth in living spaces. Standardized thermostatic radiator valves contribute a lot to this fact.

Risk management - the topic of the new issue of "BDS Compass" magazine

Risk management - the topic of the new issue of "BDS Compass" magazine


Risk management - the topic of the new issue of "BDS Compass" magazine


This issue of "BDS Compass" is focused on a very important activity – the risk management. Each organization is facing internal and external factors, which lead to uncertainty of whether and when it will achieve its objectives.


No one is insured against the various and non-static risks. Threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood or consequences may change suddenly without any reason or warning. Sometimes small risks can become large ones or the accumulation of many small risks can cause irreparable damage.


The most used terms in risk management are listed. These terms aim to improve the understanding of the risk management concept.


All activities contain risk but the risk can be managed by identifying, analyzing, and then assessing how to influence it. The standard that describes in detail this systematic and logical process and provides practical guidance on risk management is presented in the magazine.


Information is one of the most important economic assets nowadays. Guidelines for information security risk management are also presented. They are applicable to all types of organizations - commercial, state or non-governmental ones.


The expert Peter Lozev explains how the standards provide a model for establishing sustainable management systems.


Finally very important information for the economic operators in Bulgaria – the new highlights in the directive on electromagnetic compatibility are clarified by the expert eng. Rozalina Gicheva.

20 Dec 2016