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BDS hosted the meeting of ISO/TC 228/WG 2 "Health tourism services"


BDS hosted the meeting of ISO/TC 228/WG 2 “Health tourism services”



The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization was a host of a two-day (9 and 10 November 2016) meeting of working group "Health tourism services" (WG 2) to the International Technical Committee ISO/TC 228 "Tourism and related services".


The meeting was attended by experts from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Tunis, representative from European Spas Association (ESPA) and the representative from Small Business Standards (SBS).


Experts from the standing working group "Balneology" and BDS/TC 89 "Tourism services" participated on Bulgarian part.


The elected as a Convenor of the working group Mónica Figuerola from Spain, General Manager of the Spanish Medical Cluster was presented during the meeting.


The organizational issues related to the working group activities and the implementation of deadlines planned for the drafts development were also discussed in the working group. The main discussions were focused on the comments submitted on the draft ISO/NP 21426 "Tourism and related services. Medical spa. Service requirements. Special attention was paid to discussing the scope of the standard and key terms included in it: natural healing waters; mineral waters; thermal water and gas water.


Presentations were delivered by:

  • Maricruz Cadiz Gomez from the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE) - ISO/TC 228/WG 2 Health tourism services Secretary and
  • Chokri Makhlouf – ISO/TC 228 Tourism and related services, representative of the National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property, Tunis who justified the proposal for developing a standard “Medical tourism”


The meeting was held in a very good organization and very successful environment.

22 Nov 2016