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Proposal for the creation of a new CEN/TC "Weighing Instruments"

Proposal for the creation of a new CEN/TC "Weighing Instruments"


Proposal for the creation of a new CEN/TC "Weighing Instruments"


The national standards body of Germany (DIN) submits a proposal for the creation of a new Technical Committee “Weighing Instruments”.


The scope of work will be standardization in the field of weighing instruments. The proposal comes as a necessity to create a platform for elaborating European standards to fulfill the requirements of the Directives in the field: Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU which covers automatic weighing instruments (all types) and Directive 2014/31/EU, which relates to non-automatic weighing instruments. For automatic weighing instruments there are still no European Standards available. The European standard EN 45501:2015 “Metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments” has been developed based on Recommendation R 76-1 of the International Organization of Legal Metrology. The Technical Committee will concentrate its work particularly on developing harmonized standards that will be in support of fulfillment of requirements of the above mentioned Directives. European Standards on weighing instruments would be developed jointly by all relevant interested parties in a way to contribute to the free movement across the Single Market.


The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal by 10 of January 2017 to Eng. Antoaneta Bojkova, e-mail:, tel: +359 2 81 74 583.


For more information about the proposal see: here

31 Oct 2016