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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
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BDS Information Centre at the University of Economics - Varna

BDS Information Centre at the University of Economics - Varna


BDS Information Centre at the University of Economics - Varna


The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS) opened Information Centre on Standardization at the University of Economics - Varna on 26 May 2016, which is a part of BDS project for establishing Information centres on standardization at higher education institutions.


The ceremony began with a welcoming address by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Temenuga Stoykova who is the University’s representative in BDS General Assembly and standardization expert with long experience in two technical committees.


The Centre was officially opened by Eng. Ivelin Burov - Chairman of BDS Governing Board, and Prof. Dr. Veselin Hadjiev - Deputy Rector responsible for the research at the University of Economics - Varna. They focused on the long-term effects of the standardization activities and outlined the advantages and the benefits provided in all areas. Mr. Burov pointed out the partnership with universities as one of BDS strategic priorities. He expressed his contentment by the multilateral use of standards for the development of economists’ training in a number of courses at the University of Economics - Varna.


The newly established Information Centre is the second one that was opened outside Sofia.


The standards are used directly in the learning process of the students - bachelors and masters at the departments of "Commodity Science" and specialties of "Economics of Commerce", "Marketing", "Logistics", "Industrial Business", etc. Economists - bachelors have studied the course "Standardization, Metrology and Qualitymetrics" in the specialty "Commodity Science" at the University of Economics - Varna for more than 30 years. They are trained in the principles, methods, development and application of standards. This enables graduates to use standardization as one of the main levers of the economy.


Lecturers and students actively use the international, regional and national standards in the courses "Standardization and Quality", "Quality and Safety Management", "Management Systems", "Products and Services Certification", "Commodity Science of Food and Industrial Products," "Product Packaging", "Management of packaging", etc. The opening of the Information Centre will enable the supporting of teaching and research activities of the lecturers and doctoral candidates and students at the university through access to up to date and advanced information from the international and regional standardization organizations.


The newly established BDS Information Centre is situated in the University library where three workstations provide lecturers and students with access to reading of approximately 650 selected Bulgarian standards free-of-charge. The standards are grouped in packages according to the number and title of the respective Technical Committee, in which representatives and experts from the University of Economics - Varna actively participate in the development of standards.





06 Jun 2016