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ISO proposal for the creation of a new project committee "Chain of custody"

ISO proposal for the creation of a new project committee "Chain of custody"


ISO proposal for the creation of a new project committee „Chain of custody"


The national standards body of Netherlands (NEN) submits to ISO a proposal for the creation of a new Project Committee with the aim to develop a horizontal ISO standard on Chain of Custody – Transparency and traceability – Generic requirements for supply chain actors.


The scope of work is standardization in the field of terminology and requirements for all products with specified characteristics. The objective is to increase transparency and facilitate market access, especially for smaller companies and developing countries.


The ISO standard will provide a set of generic requirements to ensure that products with specified characteristics, sold or shipped by a supply chain actor, can be physically and/or administratively connected to a corresponding amount of input material with the same specified characteristics. This standard differs from existing ISO initiatives by defining the requirements and traceability levels for the individual supply chain actors independently of sectors, raw materials and products. The standard will be able to be used in all sectors and for all products with specific characteristics, which are subject of sale or exchange between two or more supply chain actors. This unified horizontal decision will drastically reduce the costs and the loss of time caused by the present variety of chain of custody systems. Being based on currently available best-practices, the standard will define commonly used supply chain models and the respective traceability levels.


The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of ISO technical activity by 25 of July 2016 to Kameliya Milanova, email:, tel: +359 2 81 74 539.


For more information about the proposal see: here

19 May 2016