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New collection "ISO 31000 Risk Management - basic standards"

New collection "ISO 31000 Risk Management - basic standards"


New collection "ISO 31000 Risk Management - basic standards"


The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization offers to its clients a new product - collection of standards on CD titled "ISO 31000 Risk Management - basic standards". It contains the official publications in Bulgarian of the most applicable standards and standardization documents of ISO 31000 Risk Management series.


The disc contains standards and standardization documents related to the principles, terminology, methods and practical application of risk management. The standards of the ISO 31000 series are not intended for particular industry or sector. They can be applied throughout the whole life cycle of any organization and cover wide range of activities. The elaboration and application of plans for risk management should take into account the different needs of the particular organization, its specific objectives, environment, structure, activities, processes, functions, projects, products, services, assets and the concrete practices employed.


The collection includes the following standards and standardization documents:

BDS ISO 31000:2011

Risk management. Principles and guidelines

BDS EN 31010:2010

Risk management. Risk assessment techniques (IEC/ISO 31010:2009)

SD ISO Guide 73:2011

Risk management - Vocabulary (ISO Guide 73:2009)

SD ISO/TR 31004:2015

Risk management. Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000


The collection is intended for all organizations with different businesses and size that aim at improving their functions by applying risk management in practice.


The price of this CD is 129 BGN VAT included, the discount is 65% compared to the purchase of the standards separately.



04 Apr 2016