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CEN new project committee on "Funeral services"

CEN new project committee on "Funeral services"


CEN new project committee on "Funeral services"


CEN National Members gave their support for the creation of a new project committee: CEN/TC 448 „Funeral services”. The proposal for this new work submitted by ASI received full support and expressed commitment for active participation in the work by the national standards bodies of Austria (ASI), Bulgaria (BDS), Germany (DIN), Denmark (DS), Spain (AENOR), Italy (UNI), Cyprus (CYS), Slovakia (UNMS), Norway (NS), Finland (SFS) and France (AFNOR).


The main objective of the committee will be to revise EN 15017 and align it with the current state of the art in the sector.


The currently existing European standard EN 15017:2005 „Funeral services - Requirements” was developed by the Task Force to the CEN Technical Board CEN/BT/TF 139 and was disbanded in 2007.


The new project committee will be established for a period of 3 years and during this time the existing EN 15015 will be revised and improved in the following directions:

  • Necessity to expand the scope of services to reflect the changes in the funeral services since 2005.
  • Improvements in the transnational (international) transport provisions of deceased persons.
  • Improvements in the requirements for storage.
  • Improvements in the cremation service provisions.
  • Indication of equipment needed for good funeral services provision.


For more information, please contact: Kamelia Milanova, email:, tel: +359 2 81 74 539.

24 Mar 2016