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CEN new technical committee: CEN/TC 446 "Hydrogen"

CEN new technical committee: CEN/TC 446 "Hydrogen"


CEN new technical committee: CEN/TC 446 "Hydrogen"


CEN National Members voted “Yes” to the proposal of Netherlands for the creation of a new technical committee: CEN/TC 446 “Hydrogen”. Hydrogen has the potential to become a key component of a renewable, sustainable energy system of the future and standardization can accelerate and comfort this process by developing a structured set of standards, technical specifications and reports in the area of hydrogen.


The scope of the committee will include systems, devices and connections, production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen from renewable and other sources. Hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier and fuel. The scope will also concern all safety related aspects related hydrogen and mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen.


The scope of the committee excludes storage of hydrogen related to the scope of CEN/TC 268 for cryogenic tanks and CEN/TC 23 “Transportable gas cylinders”. The development of standards related to hydrogen for road transport requested by M/533 for alternative fuels infrastructure is also excluded from the proposed scope.


On a European level the committee will establish liaison with CEN/TC 234 “Gas infrastructure”, CEN/TC 19 “Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin”, CEN/TC 326 “Natural Gas Vehicles - Fuelling and Operation”.


On an international level the new committee will be mirror to ISO/TC 197 “Hydrogen technologies”.


For more information, please contact: Eng. Ivan Denev, email:, tel. +359 2 81 74 569.

26 Feb 2016