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On-line textile and clothing dictionary




Bulgarian Institute for Standardization was a partner in the fulfillment of Agreement N° CZ/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/134 015 under Leonardo da Vinci programme project:


Fashion School II

Multimedia and Internet guide for international textile and clothing branch

Project Fashion School II was a continuation of the Fashion School I project which main goal was the development of a multilingual guide of textile business and its major outcome was the establishment of a multilingual on-line textile and clothing dictionary containing 2000 terms. The multimedia guide, including the whole dictionary has been translated into 11 languages: Czech, English, French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Slovak.

Fashion School II project upgraded the existing dictionary with 5 more languages: Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish and Italian, improved the visual and graphical part of dictionary and included e-learning tools available in all 16 languages.  

The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization is the main partner of the project with the main tasks to provide the Bulgarian translation of the multimedia guide, including the whole dictionary and to ensure the availability of e-learning tools into Bulgarian language. Another important goal is the dissemination of project results among interested parties in Bulgaria through thematic seminars and workshops in all partner countries, promotion articles, press releases and information in the media.


  • ATOK –Association of Textile-Clothing–Leather Industry  
  • Omega Design (Czech Republic) -  
  • SOTEX National Association for Textile Care labelling (Czech Republic) -
  • TZÚ, Textile Testing Institute (Czech Republic) - 
  • Clothing Textile and Fiber Technological Developments (Greece) - 
  • The Research - Development National Institute for Textile and Leather (Romania) -  
  • Gazi Univerzity – T/C department (Turkey) -
  • VOS & SUPS – Fashion design and management school (Czech Republic) -


This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission under Leonardo da Vinci programme

12 Nov 2008