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Collection of standards on innovation management

The collection includes also ISO brochure „ISO and innovation“ translated into Bulgarian.

Brochure “Standards for the Environment – Why the public sector should get involved in standardization?”

Environmental protection is a global concern, and the challenges related to this are becoming more urgent every day.

Breathing easy on International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

ISO standards contribute to healthy air and a healthy planet

Стартира процедура за номиниране на кандидати за членове на техническите съвети в БИС

Членовете на техническите съвети се избират от Управителния съвет измежду признати експерти в областта на стандартизацията по предложение на техническите комитети и на членовете на БИС.

Standards for SDGs

**Shared vision for a better world** - World Standards Day 14 October 2021

Услугата „Абонамент за актуалност“ с нови функционалности

След период на проучване, анализи и тестване, услугата „Абонамент за актуалност“ вече е достъпна с нови по-добри възможности за следене на интересуващите Ви стандарти и стандартизационни документи.

‘Standards in support of the industrial data value chain’ European workshop

The European Standardization Organizations - CEN, CENELEC and ETSI - are delighted to inform you that the registrations for the stakeholders’ workshop taking place on 28 September are now open!

Номинации за Награди Standards+Innovation 2021

Тези награди отбелязват приноса на изследователи, иноватори и предприемачи към стандартизацията и признават важния принос на научните изследвания и иновациите в стандартизацията

Quality management systems — Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in policing organization

ISO proposal for a New Work Item

Integrated techniques for seismic and energy retrofitting of buildings

How to improve the energy/environmental performance of buildings with emerging solutions of lowest environmental impact


In recent years, CEN and CENELEC have worked extensively on standardization for the railway sector – a fundamental aspect to ensure the uptake and interoperability of new technologies across the whole EU.

ISO 9001 gets quality check

Used by millions of organizations around the globe, the world-standard reference for quality, ISO 9001, Quality management systems – Requirements, has just passed its “warrant of fitness”.

Best in small packages - Supporting small businesses on Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

The topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine – how food safety is managed

Food chain management and food safety are crucial to our existence at a time of unprecedented global pandemic.

Свиква се годишното общо събрание на БИС

Управителният съвет на Българския институт за стандартизация на основание чл. 12, ал. 6 от Закона за националната стандартизация (ЗНС) свиква редовно общо събрание на 18.06.2021 г. от 11 часа в Националния дом на науката и техниката в София

World Environment Day

ISO at the heart of global effort to rebuild our planet

New ISO standards for medical devices

Taking the headache out of regulations while improving product safety and performance

New handbook for preventing and combating bribery in organizations

ISO 37001, Anti-bribery management systems, helps organizations put in place appropriate measures to prevent and address bribery, thereby cultivating a culture of honesty, transparency and integrity.