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Technical Committees

The Technical Committee is a BDS working body responsible for a specific area(s) of standardization. Technical committees for standardization shall be established and closed by the Technical Boards for standardization. The standardization activities are carried out with the active assistance of the members and experts from the Technical Committees for standardization at BDS (BDS/TC). Currently, 78 BDS/TC are active in various sectors of industry. The BDS/TC scops overlap about 80% of the technical committees of CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC.

Protection against fire and explosion Active

Hydraulics and pneumatics Active

Shipbuilding and marine structures Inactive

Cement, lime and gypsum Active

Concrete and mortars Active

Household electrical appliances Active

Ceramic and glass Active

Gas equipment, gas cylinders, fittings for gas equipment, household equipment for solid and liquid fuel Active

Storage equipment Suspended

Powder metallurgy Inactive

Leather, leather products and footwear Active

Application of statistical methods Active

Reliability Inactive

Road vehicles and internal combustion engines Active

Environment protection Active

Archive, librarianship and information activity Active

Ferrous metallurgy Active

Pulp, paper and board Suspended

Cosmetic and aromatic products. Surface active agents Active

Heavy non-ferrous metals and their alloys Active

Forestry and wood technology Suspended

Technical documentation Inactive

Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry Active

Non destructive testing Active

Ammunitions Suspended

Testing of metals and metal construction Inactive

Industrial trucks Inactive

General metrology Active

Limits and fits. Technical measurement Suspended

Welding and allied processes Active

Cranes and lifting equipment Active

Agricultural and food products Active

Forestry, wood, furniture technology and industry Active

Quality management and conformity assessment Active

Surface active agents Suspended

Mechanical transmission and their elements Inactive

Light metals and their alloys Active

Rotating machinery Active

Paints and varnishes and adhesives Active

Seeds Suspended

Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and cleaning equipment Active

Corrosion and corrosion protection Active

Refrigerating and cryogenic equipment Active

Textile and clothes Active

Gambling Suspended

Agriculture Suspended

Radio communication systems and radio equipments Active

Earth-moving machinery Suspended

Low-voltage electrical installations Active

Personal protective equipment Active

Solid mineral fuels Active

Safety of machinery Active

Alarm systems Active

Lighting equipment Active

Ores and rock materials Active

Design of building construction Active

Information and communication technology Active

Cables Active

Ergonomics Active

Gas infrastructure Active

Insulations of buildings and civil engineering structures Active

Machines and equipment for food industry Inactive

Fertilizers and soil improvers Active

Electrochemical supply devices Active

Natural rock materials and products Suspended

Lifts Active

Petroleum products and lubricants Active

Road engineering Active

Medical electrical equipment Suspended

Railway transport Active

Nuclear energy Active

Electrical low voltage supply devices Active

Packaging, cellulose, paper and board Active

Arms Suspended

Electromagnetic compatibility Active

Rubber Active

Bakery and confectionery Suspended

Herbs, mushrooms and spices Suspended

Energy Active

Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport Active

Plastics Active

Acoustics. Noise and vibrations Active

Water supply, drainage and sewage systems Active

Banking, securities, financial services and e-invoicing Active

Refractories Suspended

Explosives for civil uses and pyrotechnic articles Active

Medical devices Active

Sport and equipment for sport Active

Tourism activities Active

Hotels and restaurants activities Suspended

Activities related to the provision of additional tourist services Suspended

Balneotourism Suspended

Beauty Services Inactive

Conservation of Cultural Property Active

Real estate services Inactive

Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling Active

Intelligent transport system and logistics Active

Safety of toys and other child articles Active

Nanotechnologies Active

Construction machinery and road service area maintenance equipment (including winter maintenance) Active

Sustainability of construction works Active

Societal and Citizen Security Active

Standardization of the environment of electrical and electronic equipment and cars, and activities of collection and recovery of waste of them Active

Maintenance. Vessels and pressure equipment. Industrial piping and pipelines Active

Project, programme and portfolio management Active

Temporary works equipment Active

Еducation, training and translation services Active

Expert Work Groups Active

Areas of standardization without coverage of a particular BDS/TC Active