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ISTRA - International Standards training in VET for promotion of market relevant education


ISTRA - International Standards training in VET for promotion of market relevant education


Contract № 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023738



The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization participates in the implementation of a two-year project funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2 "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships" and managed by the Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC) – the Programme’s National Agency for Bulgaria.


The main objective of ISTRA project is the development and piloting of two sets of innovative training approaches and contents for VET and C-VET training on two widely applicable series of standards (ISO/IEC 27000 and ISO 31000). The standards selected for training can be applied in practice in a wide range of organizations, regardless of their size, nature or organizational specifics and they are ones of the most widely used standards internationally.


The educational materials about the standards will be developed by experts from National Standardization Bodies of the countries involved in the project. These materials will be integrated in e-learning courses and will be piloted in Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE will be developed through the use of cutting-edge ICT-based educational technologies and innovative approach towards delivering theoretical knowledge and practical skills in applying standards in various spheres.


ISTRA project target groups are:

  • secondary VET school students
  • professionals needing C-VET
  • trainers in topics related to standards and standardization


The planned project outputs (in English and all partner languages) are:

  • Training curriculum on standards for information security management systems - series ISO/IEC 27000
  • Training curriculum on standards for risk management systems - series ISO 31000
  • Training curriculum on learning and teaching in virtual learning environment


Project Coordinator:

Burgas Free University


Project Partners:

Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS)

Latvian College of Culture

Bureau of Standards of the Standardization, Accreditation and Metrology Centre of Latvia (LVS)

Technological High School “George Bibescu”, Craiova, Romania

The Secondary School of Technical and Electrical Engineering, Presov, Slovakia

Vocational Trade School, Burgas

30 Nov 2016