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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Economical use of energy does not contradict cozy warmth in living spaces. Standardized thermostatic radiator valves contribute a lot to this fact.

SABE – Engaging more Standards Bodies and National Environmental Organizations in the environmental aspects of standardization

SABE – Engaging more Standards Bodies and National Environmental Organizations in the environmental aspects of standardization


Contract № SA/CEN/GROW/EFTA/000/2017-11


The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization participates in the implementation of a three-year /42 months/ project fully funded under FPA. As per the directives of EU’s relevant bodies and the Communication from the Commission to the Council ((COM(2004)), environmental issues should be integrated into standardization work so that the latter becomes more inclusive. This will ultimately be achieved by the inclusion or environmental criteria in the standards.


The main objectives:

  • Increase interaction between NSBs and societal and environmental organisations and between the NSBs and the SABE. NSBs to actively pursue the participation at national level of societal environmental and other relevant organisations in the process;
  • Mobilisation of societal and environmental stakeholders by encouraging and facilitating their appropriate participation in the process of standardisation;
  • Improve flow of information between European and National bodies;
  • Increase participation in SABE activities on behalf of NSBs and NGOs.


The desired project outputs:

  • Identify relevant stakeholder groups and encourage them to closely work with NSB representative organisations;
  • Improved contribution of the NSBs and environmental stakeholder organisations (NGOs) of new member countries and smaller countries in the environmental protection strategic discussions of CEN;
  • Improved cooperation at European and national level;
  • Organisation of the flow of environmental information between European and national bodies ;
  • Create an efficient and long-term co-operation among these project partners and CEN/SABE;
  • Assist project partner (countries) to fully understand how stronger countries organise their standardisation activates, as well as the benefits from strong internal standardisation activity;.
  • CYS in cooperation with CEN-CENELEC Management Centre and an organisations in industrial sectors, NGO’s active in the field and Regulators answering to regional or national government will support and coordinate the establishment of effective networks of environmental stakeholders and focal points, promote the importance of participating in the work of SABE and raise awareness regarding environment and standardisation in participating countries.


Project Leader:

Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS)

Project Co-Leader:

European Environmental Citizens’ Organization for Standardization (ECOS)


Project Partners:

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Romanian Standards Association (ASRO)

Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS)

Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia (ISRSM)

Lithuanian standards board (LST)

Latvian Standards (LVS)

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA)

Czech office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNM)



Contact persons:

09 Feb 2018