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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Seeing better. This depends not only on the glasses used, but also on the spectacle frames. Today, the respective requirements, test methods, design and concepts are s...

Guide for shopping

How do I register?
  • Registration is completely free of charge and should be done only once. For the next purchase you should only enter your username password.
  • The registration is to be done following the instructions in the Members area/Registration.
  • The sales system accepts both data for companies and individuals.
  • If you are BDS member with a status of an active member or observer you will get 20 % discount on the purchase of Bulgarian standards.

How do I purchase?
How do I search standards?
You can search for a standard by entering its number or by using several search boxes at BDS website in Advanced search:
  • by number of standard
  • by keywords from the title
  • by ICS
  • by status (published, draft, withdrawn)
  • by BDS TC
  • for a given period
To find out what standards replace a withdrawn standard click on the number of the standard and the full information about it will appear. If the standard is replaced by another standard, this is indicated in the box Correspondence with National standards.

Shopping cart
  • When you have identified the standard you are interested in, click the “Buy” button.
  • The selected standard can be ordered in one or more of the following formats: online, paper or CD. The terms of payment of the various formats are defined in the General Terms and Conditions for Sales of Standards and BDS Publications.
  •  The choice of the “online” format means that you can download the standard through “My orders” when its status becomes “Complete”.
  • Through the “Continue shopping” button it is possible to add products in your order.
  • Through the “Delete” button is possible to delete products from your order.
  • Your order has not yet been accepted at this stage. You have chosen only few standards that you are interested in.
  • When you have finished shopping please, click the “Order” button to.
  • If you are not registered as a customer, please fill in the required fields and click the “Send” button after which the information you entered is checked and click the “Send” button AGAIN.
  • If you are already a registered customer, you should enter your username and password.
  • Once the data/username and password were entered you will receive the outlook of your order.

How to pay?
  • You receive the standards, after payment, as it is specified by you.
  • BDS works with the courier company SPEEDY. Delivery costs are borne by the recipient. If you work with another courier, please note it in the query or in the order.
  • When you have chosen to receive the standard in the “online” format, you can download the standard in PDF format through your order. After payment, you should log in with your username and password in the respective order from “My orders”. When the status of your order is changed to “Complete” the standards are active and available for download through the “Download” button. The standards will be available for download within one month. If you cannot download the standards during that period you should call phone: +359 2 81 74 525 for activation of the order.


Payment methods:

The payment can be made by bank payment order, electronic payment system e-Pay, bank card through the system Borica, at Easypay cash desks, ATM payment or in cash at Bulgarian Institute for Standardization cash desk.

Content of the order

1. My orders
  • You can keep track of the execution of your orders.

2. History of the order
  • You can keep track of the different statuses through which your order runs (ACCEPTED, ACTIVE, COMPLETE, CANCELED)
  • After confirmation for the successful submission of the order it is processed by our employee.
  • In case that changes are required as a result of the order processing (e.g. completing the order with new positions: standard amendments, specifying the format, etc.) our employee will contact you within one working day to correct the order.
  • After receiving the notice of payment, the order is being executed.
  • After the order (the standards) is sent by courier, the date and number of the bill of lading are indicate.

3. Contents
  • You can find the list of the ordered standards with prices and format.

4. Delivery address and invoice details
  • The customer information completed upon registration necessary for delivery and invoice.
  • It is particularly important to specify the way of delivery:
     - By courier – by courier are supplied standards ordered on paper or CD (disk).
     - Via Internet – via internet are supplied standards, ordered online.
The invoice shall be send by post with acknowledgment of recipient.
  • When the standards are ordered online you cannot choose delivery by courier.

  • It is particularly important to monitor this box as it contains information related to your order. For example, for the availability of the ordered standards, their actuality, the need to add or deleted item, etc.
29 Aug 2014