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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
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Standards on your screen

Standards on your screen. Terms of use
The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization provides to its customers a service for remote online reading of standards.
What is the service?
You get the opportunity to read the standards you have selected from your own computer with the only requirement to have access to the Internet.
The service covers the Bulgarian standards available in the BDS electronic database, or over 90% of all standards.
Within 2 calendar days of the activation of your order you can view the texts of the standards repeatedly at any time.
For each order choose yourselves up to 3 standards to which you will have access for reading. The price is fixed and is not dependent on the selling price of the chosen standards.
Standards can be read only on the screen, without saving, printing, coping, transferring, networking or re-selling in any way, in whole or parts of them.
What are the advantages of the service?
Reading standards becomes much more convenient and standards are now much closer to you! To read standards you can benefit from the opportunity to do this at home or at the office without wasting time and money. You need only a computer and Internet access.
You can read the texts of standards before buying them in order to be sure that these are the standards you need.
How to take advantage of the service?
Create your customer profile at BDS website, if you do not already have one.
Find the standards that you are interested through the „Search” function.
Select the icon „Buy to read online”. The standards chosen by you enter your shopping cart. Once you have finished the selection of standards, click the „Order” button to send your order.
Pay your order by bank transfer, via the electronic payment system e-Pay or at the BDS office.
After your payment has been verified your order will be activated immediately and you will receive online access to read. In the relevant order in your profile you will receive a message about the deadline for reading standards which is 2 calendar days after activating the order.
For better performance of the service we recommend the use of MOZILLA FIREFOX or GOOGLE CHROME browsers. An important condition for opening the files is your computer to maintain an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.
In case you want to purchase some of the standards you read, you can do this through the same order via the „Buy” button. More information about the way of shopping can be found in „Guide for shopping”
Please note that the standard for reading in electronic format is subject to copyright and distribution rights of BDS and cannot be stored, printed, copied, transmitted, networked, or re-sold in any way – neither entirely, not parts of it. The standard in electronic format is encrypted and equipped with the inscription „INTENDED FOR READING” located diagonally across each page.
If you have problems with reading the files, call + 359 2/81 74 525 or + 359 2/81 74 526.
The price per order for online reading of standards is 18 BGN, VAT included.
21 Sep 2017