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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
“Not for children under 36 months” Toys wearing this European standardization label should not be made available to children. Particularly parents should know this sym...

Sharing experiences

Sharing experiences
CEN and CENELEC strive always to provide standards that meet user needs. To achieve this we want contributions from expert users to both develop new standards and maintain and improve existing ones. This means that your feedback from using individual standards and your experience of using the services provided by CEN and CENELEC and our members is valuable and welcome.
Your feedback of using standards; help us improve our products and services.
CEN and CENELEC want to know about user experiences of standards and services we offer and therefore we welcome your feedback.
You can give feedback by contacting your national mеmber directly. They may also provide additional channels for giving user feedback e.g. through questionnaires, on-line tools, social media etc. They may also provide the means for users to network and share experiences, for example through standards user panels.
National members seek to gather views, experiences, feedback and information from users for them to evaluate and potentially improve and/or develop standards.
You can give feedback about the information and support services provided by CEN and CENELEC.
26 Mar 2013