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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Economical use of energy does not contradict cozy warmth in living spaces. Standardized thermostatic radiator valves contribute a lot to this fact.

Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date
CEN and CENELEC are working constantly to provide new standards which business and industry need, as well as ensuring existing standards continue to be 'fit for purpose'. Therefore, it is important for all organisations who use standards, including SMEs, to keep up to date about standards by getting information and news, including about new and revised standards, new standards projects and general news and updates. But how?
Discover the different ways of keeping up-to-date:
Through CEN and CENELEC members
Most of members make online 'search functions on standards’ available in national languages which makes it easier to trace standards and give guidance on how search for a standard: CEN members and CENELEC members. This can include putting together sets of relevant standards for specific sectors, technologies and types of organisation.
Trade associations
They may inform their members of standards relevant to their sector or discipline.
CEN and CENELEC sector web pages

If you are interested in a specific sector, visit the BDS sectors page, CEN sectors page and the CENELEC Technology sectors page.
Locate relevant CEN and CENELEC Technical Bodies
The 'search' functions on the CEN and CENELEC web sites
CEN and CENELEC newsletter


14 May 2014