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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Thanks to standards, books are unique. This is guaranteed by the so-called ISBN number, an internationally unified coding system making each work identifiable.

Standards and your brand

Standards and your brand
Find out how standards help SMEs:
  • by promoting profitability and sustainable growth, and help boost productivity;
  • drive down costs;
  • effectively meet legal responsibilities.
Differentiate your business thanks to standards
The ability to demonstrate compliance with widely recognised and respected standards is an effective means to differentiate your business in a competitive marketplace. In addition, manufacturing products or supplying services to appropriate standards can maximise compatibility with those manufactured or offered by others, thereby increasing potential sales and acceptance.
As consumers become increasingly informed about their choices, conformity to recognised standards is an important marketing tool for businesses.
Standards can help you to address these issues:
  • Sustainability - to manage environmental, social and economic impacts
  • Business continuity - to ensure availability of critical business functions
  • Innovation - to ensure compatibility and interoperability
  • Services - to enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Health and safety - to protect people against risks
  • Quality - to achieve professional operations and deliver high quality services

Find out more

To help identify relevant standards, you can learn what each standard enables you to do by consulting its "scope"
The CEN members and CENELEC members can help you to find the right standards according to your activities and needs, to help you to understand them and how they link to other standards. As well as national Helpdesks, many members offer support tailored for specific sectors and technologies.


14 Sep 2017