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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
“Not for children under 36 months” Toys wearing this European standardization label should not be made available to children. Particularly parents should know this sym...

Finding the right standards

Finding the right standards
How to identify the right standards for your business and how to use them.
A range of support services are available to help you:
CEN and CENELEC European network of national members
Your local member can help you to find the right standards according to your activities and needs, to help you to understand them and how they link to other standards. Find your national CEN and CENELEC member.
National SME Helpdesks
CEN and CENELEC have established national SME helpdesks: many members offer support tailored for specific sectors and technologies.
National Trade Associations and Federations
They operate in specific industries and may also offer a range of standards-related support and advice services to SMEs.
Search for a specific standard: the 'search' functions on the CEN and CENELEC web sites allow you to search the entire collection of published standards and standards under development. You can search for standards by title (in English, French and German) and by standard reference. You can also search the scopes of standards to help you identify standards relevant to you.
CEN and CENELEC have published standards for many industries and trade sectors: list of CEN sectors and CENELEC technology sectors.
To search for national standards, use the BDS search tool
To search for Electrotechnical standards, use the CENELEC search tool
To search for other standards, use the CEN search tool
All European standards are published and available as national standards from the CEN and CENELEC members, often translated into national languages. Here you can find your national CEN member and national CENELEC members.
14 Sep 2017