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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
It shall not be missing in any public building: an operative and ready for use hand fire extinguisher. Requirements, test methods and maintenance are regulated on an E...

Standards & your business

Standards & your business
Find basic information about standards; how they add value for your business and how other SMEs use standards:
You can obtain published standards and support to use standards from the CEN and CENELEC European network of national members. Your local Standards Organisation can provide you with a range of services giving help and advice to take advantage of the benefits of standards.
National Trade Associations and Federations operating in specific industries and trades may also offer a range of support, help and advice services to SMEs to use standards. In many instances, CEN and CENELEC national members have links with these organisations.
CESIP helps European business, in particular, SMEs explore market opportunities in China.
CESIP is a web-based platform containing the titles and information on nearly 20 000 Chinese standards for electrical equipment, medical devices, machinery and environmental protection which European manufacturers must consider for access to the Chinese market.


14 May 2014