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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Thanks to standards, books are unique. This is guaranteed by the so-called ISBN number, an internationally unified coding system making each work identifiable.

Technical Boards

Members of Technical Board for standardization in the non-electrotechnical area of activity by sectors:

  • Building, building structures and materials – Nikolai Barovski – Chairman
  • Standards in the field of services and basic standards – Atanas Atanasov
  • Healthcare, environment and medical devices – Iliyana Pavlova
  • Machinery, transport, lifting equipment and packages – Lenko Stanev
  • Metal and non-metal materials – Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Chemistry, food, domestic and leisure time products – Verjinia Grozdanova
  • Management systems – Mariana Tsaneva

Members of Technical Board for standardization in the electrotechnical area of activity by sectors:

  • Energetics – Zdravko Georgiev – Chairman
  • Electrotechnics – Asen Georgiev
  • Electronics – Vesselin Radev
  • Information technologies – Bojidar Simeonov
  • Telecommunications – Kamen Rangelov
Members of Technical Board on conformity assessment by sectors:
  • Testing
  • Inspection and Control
  • Product Certification
  • QMS Certification
  • Persons Certification
01 Nov 2016