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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
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Conformity assessment


Conformity assessment is any activity concerned (sampling, testing, certification and inspection) performed with the purpose to determine if a product, process, service, system, or a person’s or body’s competence meets particular requirements. These requirements as well as the conformity assessment procedures, process of taking samples and testing methods are specified and developed in international, European or national standards, guides or other normative documents.

Conformity assessment activity is carried out though systematic examination of degree of conformity of a specific product, process or service. The requirements can concern the safety of products, protection of human life and environment or they can include specific quality-related characteristics.

The conformity assessment activity can be mandatory action when its performance is regulated in a normative act and when it is related to ensure the safety and protection of health and environment. The conformity assessment is voluntary when its task is to demonstrate and confirm the specific quality of product, process or service. 

The purpose is consumers to be sure that products, processes, services and systems meet specific requirements which guarantee their better acceptance on the market.

Standards are the key to any conformity assessment activity. Taking into account the good practices in this field, standards are easily applicable by all interested parties, including assessment and demonstration of conformity by the manufacturer through supplier’s declaration of conformance or by third independent party (certification body).

27 Jul 2007