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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Seeing better. This depends not only on the glasses used, but also on the spectacle frames. Today, the respective requirements, test methods, design and concepts are s...



Standardization is an activity of establishing provisions for common and repeated use, with regard to actual or potential problems, aimed at the achievement of an optimum degree of order in a given context.

Standardization activity includes the processes of development, adoption, publication and application of standards through the fulfillment of the commonly recognized principles and rules of standardization work. Standards are developed and published to serve public interest and they are strong tools for information delivery and mutual understanding between partners.

Standardization offers important advantages in terms of improving the suitability of products, processes and services for their intended purpose, removal of barriers to trade and facilitating technical cooperation.

European standardization also provides for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, in particular by facilitating the free movement of goods and services, interoperability of networks, the functioning of the communication tools, technological development and innovations.

Standards may have complex impact on society and in particular on the safety and welfare of citizens, the efficiency of networks, environmental protection, safety and working conditions of workers, accessibility and other areas of public policy.

Accordingly, it is of great benefit all relevant stakeholders, including public authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to participate appropriately in the national and European standardization process.

The adoption of Regulation 1025/2012 of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union is essential for standardization. It specifies the rules for work and cooperation between all standards bodies and organizations.

06 Aug 2014