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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Thanks to standards, books are unique. This is guaranteed by the so-called ISBN number, an internationally unified coding system making each work identifiable.

Governing Board

Ivelin Burov - Chairman of BDS Governing Board
Union of Quality Experts in Bulgaria – Sofia

Asen Georgiev
Tesi OOD - Shumen

Zdravko Georgiev
Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA)

Mitko Mirchev
EQE Bulgaria AD

Silvana Lyubenova
Ministry of Economy

Irena Borislavova
Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service"

Hrisimir Dochev
Fire Safety and Protection of Population

Prof. Milka Vicheva Ph.D
Technical University - Sofia

Prof. Georgi Tasev Ph.D
Trakia University - Stara Zagora

Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov, D.Sc.
Institute of Metal Science, BAS

Blagovesta Shineva
Center for Testing and European Certification - Stara Zagora

Ivanka Dobreva
Labconsult plus OOD

Dimka Ivanova
Pehlivanov Engineering OOD

Dimitar Nachev
Union of civil engineers in Bulgaria

Liliya Smedarchina
Bulgarian Union of Standardizers

25 Apr 2016