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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
Seeing better. This depends not only on the glasses used, but also on the spectacle frames. Today, the respective requirements, test methods, design and concepts are s...

European standards


European standards are instrumental in the protection of interests of society and they play important role in support of legislation.

Can you imagine Europe where:

  • credit cards in different countries are with different dimensions
  • you can’t be sure that petrol is the same in all countries
  • you can’t be sure that the genetically modified organisms in food fulfill the commonly accepted specifications and requirements?

Such a Europe would be complete disaster for all its residents and they would have very complicated life. 

The European Commission and the Council recognize that standards are tools for assessment and demonstration of conformity. Therefore they undertake a series of actions to support and strength the European standardization as a tool for support the EU’s policies and for strengthening the Single Market. European standardization is a strategic tool for competitiveness and for the uniform application of technical legislation in the internal market. The Council’s Resolution on the role of European standardization of 28 October 1999 (OJ С 141/01 of 2000) invited Member States to support the standardization process especially when standardization is in support of EU’s policies.

27 Apr 2006