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Wherever you look you can find a standard!
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The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization has a library and a modern information centre. Customers are welcomed in a large hall equipped with computers, where information is provided on the current Bulgarian, European, international and foreign standards and other documents. Reading standards in the library is free of charge. The readers are not allowed to make pictures of the standards or to use recorders. If they wish, they can purchase the standards and standardization documents they want from BDS library.


BDS is entitled to own all rights for distribution of Bulgarian and international standards as well as for the distribution of national standards of other countries based on the established bilingual agreements.

The BDS Information Center provides customers with standardization documents of the following standards organizations:
  • International (ISO, IEC)
  • European (CEN, CENELEC)
  • German (DIN)
  • British (BS)
  • Russian (ГОСТ)
  • American (ASTM)

Info center, library and sales


Business Hours:

9.00 - 12.30

13.30 - 16.30

Monday to Friday


Tel: +359 2 81 74 582


21 Sep 2017