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Колекция ISO 31000 Управление на риска – основни стандарти

Етап: Включен в работната програма
Начало: 2017-02-16
Статус: Проект

Свързани международни стандарти
FprHD 603 S2:2016 CLC/TC 20

Заглавие на български

Кабели за разпределителни мрежи за обявено напрежение 0,6/1 kV

Заглавие на английски

Distribution cables of rated voltage 0,6/1 kV

Област на действие на български

Няма информация

Област на действие на английски

1.1 Scope HD 603 applies to cables of rated voltage Uo/U = 0,6/1 kV used in underground power distribution systems mainly for public distribution, of nominal voltage not exceeding 0,6/1 kV a.c. This part (Part 1) specifies the general requirements applicable to these cables, unless otherwise specified in the particular sections of this HD. Test methods are specified in HD 605 and in EN 60228, EN 60332-1-2 and EN 60811. The particular types of cables are specified in Parts 3 to 8. 1.2 Object The objects of this Harmonization Document are: - to standardise cables that are safe and reliable when properly used, in relation to the technical requirements of the system of which they form a part; - to state the characteristics and manufacturing requirements which have a direct or indirect bearing on safety, - and to specify methods for checking conformity with those requirements.

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