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Начало: 2020-06-09
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Свързани международни стандарти
EN 50290-1-1:2001 CLC/TC 46X

Заглавие на български

Съобщителни кабели. Част 1-1: Общи положения

Заглавие на английски

Communication cables - Part 1-1: General

Област на действие на български

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Област на действие на английски

Part 1-1 and Part 1-2 of EN 50290 give directly or by reference all common requirements for communication cables. They are completed by generic, sectional, family and detail specifications, as appropriate, to describe in a detailed manner each type of cables with its specific characteristics. EN 50290 consists of the following parts: - Part 1-1 General - Part 1-2 Definitions - Part 2-1 Common design rules and construction - General - Part 2-2X series Common design rules and construction - Materials - Part 3 Quality assessment - Part 4-1 General considerations for the use of cables - Environmental conditions and safety aspects - Part 4-2 General considerations for the use of cables - Guide for use The test methods are described in EN 50289, Communication cables - Specifications for test methods, which consists of the following parts: - Part 1-X series Electrical test methods - Part 2-X series Transmission and optical test methods - Part 3-X series Mechanical test methods - Part 4-X series Environmental test methods. This Part 1-1 harmonizes the standardisation of symmetrical, coaxial and optical cables used for the infrastructure of communication, multimedia and control networks. Most of the cables covered by this Part 1-1 are primarily intended to be used in IT networks. However they can also be used for other applications with the exception of those which presume a direct connection to the mains electricity supply.

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