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Етап: 10.99 - Решение за приемане на новата тема
Начало: 2020-06-08
Статус: Проект

Свързани международни стандарти
prEN 1092-3 rev CEN/TC 74

Заглавие на български

Фланци и техните съединения. Кръгли фланци за тръби, арматура, фасонни части и принадлежности, означени с PN. Част 3: Фланци от медни сплави

Заглавие на английски

Flanges and their joints - Circular flanges for pipes, valves, fittings and accessories, PN designated - Part 3: Copper alloy flanges

Област на действие на български

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Област на действие на английски

This European Standard specifies requirements for circular copper alloy flanges and copper alloy collars combined with loose steel plate flanges in PN designations from PN 6 to PN 40 and nominal sizes from DN 10 to DN 1800 in the types shown in Table 1. This standard also specifies dimensions and tolerances, materials and their associated pressure/temperature (p/T) ratings, flange facings and related surface finish, weld repairs, and marking, together with information on bolting, gaskets, application/installation and approximate flange masses. The flanges specified, with the exception of integral (type 21) flanges, are for attachment to copper or copper alloy tubes in accordance with EN 12449. NOTE 1 When the flanges specified in this standard are required for use with copper or copper alloy tubes to EN 1057 in those tube diameters which are different to EN 12449, this should be agreed between the equipment manufacturer and the flange manufacturer. NOTE 2 The size of copper and copper alloy tubes is designated by reference to the outside diameter in millimetres. NOTE 3 See also annex B. NOTE 4 Non-gasketed pipe joints are outside the scope of this standard.

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